Wildlife Relocation & Management Services - TWEED HEADS-GOLD COAST.

We are here to help you with any Fauna issues you may have!

We provide  a complete range of Fauna related services and products throughout Australia.

While we contract work anywhere in Queensland and NSW, local wildlife callouts are only provided within the Gold Coast and Tweed areas.

With 38 years of experience with virtually all species of wildlife, we can solve your Fauna issues.  Whatever your need or concern,we can provide the solution!

Wildlife Services is an Australian owned and operated family business, which has a history of involvement in all aspects of Wildlife Management and Research.

This business is fully compliant with Work, Health and Safety requirements, and has all appropriate insurances and licences, including DEHP licensed "SPOTTER CATCHER" /  KOALA SPOTTER/ FAUNA SPOTTER ( Rehabilitation Permit)  for Queensland and "Wildlife Conservation Licence" for New South Wales.

We are also suppliers of our Patented Snake Safe Snake Traps..  Click on "Snake Trapping/Release" for operating instructions, prices and information, or go to our Products Page. Our traps do not harm any snake captured, no glue or adhesive is used. The traps are insulated against temperature extremes, are waterproof  and have also been strength tested  We also supply a range of Hardwood Nest Boxes.      .


This business is dedicated to the "coexistence of humans and wildlife"

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